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Professor Alan Fekete
Professor of Enterprise Software Systems

Contact Details

Phone: +61 2 9351 4287

School of Information Technologies
Level 4 East, Building J12
University of Sydney
NSW, 2006, Australia


Photo of Professor Alan Fekete

Research Interests

Databases, enterprise software systems, computer science curriculum design, novel ways to improve learning of computer science.


The motivation for my research and teaching is to improve the state-of-practice in the IT profession when dealing with enterprise software. In research, I try to provide intellectual tools that will help software developers who work with, or who design, major infrastructure "systems" software, such as communication networks and databases. The drive behind my teaching is to help enterprises and our students by producing graduates who will advance the state-of-practice in the IT profession. I do this by conveying key ways of thinking and essential skills while they are students. I try to give students experience of the best current practice, and awareness of new ideas that are not yet common in the profession, but give hope of improving our graduates' skills. My philosophy in both teaching and research is that better software depends on a clear understanding of the behaviour (both functionality and performance etc characteristics) of each piece of the system, and knowledge of how different pieces of a system influence one another.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

M. Alomari, A. Fekete, and U. Röhm. Performance of program modification techniques that ensure serializable executions with snapshot isolation dbms. Inf. Syst., 10:84-101, 2014. [View Details]

V. Kakkad, S. Attar, A. E. Santosa, A. Fekete, and B. Scholz. Curracurrong: a stream programming environment for wireless sensor networks. Softw., Pract. Exper., 44(2):175-199, 2014. [View Details]

P. Bailis, A. Fekete, M. J. Franklin, A. Ghodsi, J. M. Hellerstein, and I. Stoica. Coordination-avoiding database systems. CoRR, abs/1402.2237, 2014. [View Details]

P. Bailis, A. Davidson, A. Fekete, A. Ghodsi, J. M. Hellerstein, and I. Stoica. Highly available transactions: Virtues and limitations. PVLDB, 7(3):181-192, 2013. [View Details]

A. Fekete. Managing personal goal information. In CIDR, 2013. [View Details]

H. Jung, H. Han, A. Fekete, U. Röhm, and H. Y. Yeom. Performance of serializable snapshot isolation on multicore servers. In DASFAA (2), pages 416-430, 2013. [View Details]

T. Kraska, G. Pang, M. J. Franklin, S. Madden, and A. Fekete. Mdcc: multi-data center consistency. In EuroSys, pages 113-126, 2013. [View Details]

M. Sladescu, A. Fekete, K. Lee, and A. Liu. A polymorphic model for event associated workload bursts. In ICDCS Workshops, pages 119-125, 2013. [View Details]

P. Bailis, A. Fekete, A. Ghodsi, J. M. Hellerstein, and I. Stoica. Hat, not cap: Highly available transactions. CoRR, abs/1302.0309, 2013. [View Details]

A. Ottensooser, A. Fekete, H. A. Reijers, J. Mendling, and C. Menictas. Making sense of business process descriptions: An experimental comparison of graphical and textual notations. Journal of Systems and Software, 85(3):596-606, 2012. [View Details]

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