Christopher James Ackad
PhD Student

Contact Details

E-mail: christopher.ackad@sydney.edu.au

School of Information Technologies
Level 3 West, Building J12
University of Sydney
NSW, 2006, Australia

Web-site: http://www.mendeley.com/profiles/christopher-ackad/

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Research Interests

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), collaborative and group-oriented software, tabletop interfaces, pervasive and ubiquitous computing.


Christopher James Ackad is a Ph.D. student with the Computer Human Adapted Interaction Research Group at the University of Sydney, under the direction of Professor Judy Kay. In 2010, Chris graduated with a degree in Information Technology (Computer Science) with Honours Class 1 from the University of Sydney.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

C. Ackad, J. Kay, and M. Tomitsch. Skeletons and Silhouettes: Comparing User Representations at a Gesture-based Large Display. In CHI'16, May 07-12, 2016, San Jose, CA, USA, page to apear, 2016. [View Details]

C. J. Ackad, A. Clayphan, M. Tomitsch, and J. Kay. An in-the-wild study of learning mid-air gestures to browse hierarchical information at a large interactive public display. In Proceedings of the 2015 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, UbiComp 2015, Osaka, Japan, September 7-11, 2015, pages 1227-1238, 2015. [View Details]

C. Ackad, M. Tomitsch, and J. Kay. Towards learnable gestures for exploring hierarchical information spaces at a large public display. In Gesture based Interaction Design: Communication and Cognition, CHI 2014, 2014. [View Details]

M. Tomitsch, C. Ackad, O. Dawson, L. Hespanhol, and J. Kay. Who cares about the content? an analysis of playful behaviour at a public display. In The 3rd International Symposium on Pervasive Displays, 2014. [View Details]

K. Grace, R. Wasinger, C. Ackad, A. Collins, O. Dawson, R. Gluga, J. Kay, and M. Tomitsch. Conveying interactivity at an interactive public information display. In The 2nd International Symposium on Pervasive Displays 2013, 2013. [View Details]

A. Clayphan, R. Martinez-Maldonado, C. Ackad, and J. Kay. An approach for designing and evaluating a plug-in vision-based tabletop touch identification system. In OzCHI, Australian HCI Conference, pages 373-382, 2013. [View Details]

C. Ackad, R. Wasinger, R. Gluga, J. Kay, and M. Tomitsch. Measuring interactivity at an interactive public information display. In Proceedings of the 25th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference: Augmentation, Application, Innovation, Collaboration, OzCHI '13, pages 329-332, New York, NY, USA, 2013. ACM. [View Details]

R. Martinez-Maldonado, A. Clayphan, K. Yacef, J. Kay, and C. J. Ackad. Sensing, tracking and modelling with ignition - a framework for supporting classroom collaboration. In Educational Interfaces, Software, and Technology 2012: 3rd Workshop on UI Technologies and Educational Pedagogy, 2012. [View Details]

C. Ackad, A. Clayphan, R. Martinez, and J. Kay. Seamless and continuous user identification for interactive tabletops using personal device handshaking and body tracking. In CHI '12: Proceedings of the 2012 ACM annual conference extended abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Extended Abstracts), pages 1775-1780, New York, NY, USA, 2012. ACM. [View Details]

R. Martinez, C. Ackad, K. Yacef, and J. Kay. Designing tabletop-based systems for user modelling of collaboration. In In Adaptive Support for Team Collaboration (ASTC2011) Workshop - The 19th International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization,(UMAP2011), pages 47-51, 2011. [View Details]

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