Dan Cutting
Completed PhD Student

Contact Details

E-mail: dcutting@it.usyd.edu.au

Web-site: http://www.it.usyd.edu.au/~dcutting

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Research Interests


Recent Publications

A. Quigley, B. Ward, C. Ottrey, D. Cutting, and R. Kummerfeld. Bluestar, a privacy centric location aware system. In Position Location and Navigation Symposium (PLAN 2004), pages 684-689, 2004. [View Details]

D. Cutting, A. Hudson, and A. Quigley. Middies: Passive middleware abstractions for pervasive computing environments. In Proceedings of the The IEEE/ACS International Conference on Pervasive Services, pages 241-241. IEEE Computer Society, 2004. [View Details]

M. Assad, D. Carmichael, D. Cutting, and A. Hudson. Ar phone: Accessible augmented reality in the intelligent environment. In 2003 Australiasian Computer Human Interaction Conference OZCHI, pages 232-235, 2003. [View Details]

M. Assad, D. Carmichael, D. Cutting, and A. Hudson. A demonstration of mobile augmented reality. 2003. [View Details]