Dr David Hogan
Research Scientist, Lucent Technologies

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Web-site: http://unauthorised.org/dhog/

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Research Interests

operating systems, fairshare scheduling


David Hogan (1968 to 2003) aka dhog, was a brilliant software engineer and mathematician. His PhD thesis, entitled Hierachical fair queueing, extended the FairShare scheduler ideas to the sharing of network bandwidth. He worked for Oracle in San Francisco and later became a research scientist at Lucent Technologies (formerly Bell Labs, as the origin of the unix family of operating systems) where he continued the contributions he had long been making to Plan 9 and its offshoot, Inferno, creating its C++ compiler. His approach to creating software epitomised the unix philosopy of minimalism and elegance. This is reflected in all his work, such as the window manager he wrote, 9wm.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

R. Lister, M. Corney, J. Curran, D. D'Souza, C. Fidge, R. Gluga, M. Hamilton, J. Harland, J. Hogan, J. Kay, T. Murphy, et al. Toward a shared understanding of competency in programming: Invitation to the BABELnot project. In Proceedings of Australasian Computing Education Conference, pages 53-60, 2012. [View Details]

D. Hogan. PhD thesis: Hierarchical fair queueing. Technical Report 513, Basser Department of Computer Science, University of Sydney, 1997. [View Details]

D. Hogan. Hierarchical fair queuing. Technical Report 506, Basser Department of Computer Science, University of Sydney, 1996. [View Details]