Dr Doug Chesher
Head of Department, Clinical Biochemistry
Pacific Laboratory Medicine Services
Royal North Shore Hospital
St Leonards NSW

Clinical Senior Lecturer, Northern Clinical School
Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney

Contact Details

E-mail: dougc@med.usyd.edu.au
Phone: +61 2 9926 5524

Web-site: http://www.medfac.usyd.edu.au/people/academics/profiles/dougc.php

Photo of Dr Doug Chesher

Research Interests

Medical education, long term learning


Dr Chesher is a practicing pathologist. He is also keen to exploit technology to support his practice, including medical education. His PhD thesis was particularly motivated by the dearth of work on learning environments that can support doctors and medical students in developing their ability to manage chronic illness. This is a serious shortcoming, especially as the aging population creates huge demands on the medical system to be more effective in managing chronic illness, especially in the context of fast change in the available treatments. There is also a particular value for computer simulations in teaching medical students about managing chronic illness because the pragmatic realities of their medical program makes it infeasible for them to participate in long term patient follow up.

Simprac simulated a series of patient visits, which would typically occur over many months. A particularly important and novel feature of Simprac was its support for learner reflection, an important means to improve behavioural change and achieved higher levels of effectiveness in the often difficult balance of trade-off in managing chronic illness.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

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D. Chesher, J. Kay, and N. King. SIMPRAC: A web-based virtual patient to support learning through reflection. Technical Report 562, School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney, January 2005. [View Details]

D. Chesher. Exploring the use of web-based virtual patient to support learning through reflection. PhD thesis, 2005. [View Details]

D. Chesher, J. Kay, and N. King. A web-based virtual patient to support reflective learning. In S. Bull, P. Brna, and V. Dimitrova, editors, Online Supplementary Proceedings (Volume V) of AIED 2003, Artificial Intelligence in Education, pages 209-218, 2003. [View Details]

D. Chesher, J. Kay, and N. King. A web-based medical case simulation for continuing professional education. In Online Proceedings of the ITS (Intelligent Teaching Systems) 2002 Workshop on Individual and Group Modelling Methods That Help Learners Understand Themselves, pages 26-31, 2002. [View Details]

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