Dr James Uther
Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact Details

E-mail: james.uther@sydney.edu.au
Phone: +61 2 90369755

Web-site: http://www.it.usyd.edu.au/~jimu/

Photo of Dr James Uther

Research Interests

Personalisation, interfaces to large user models, Web architecture, UI architectures.


Current Projects

Recent Publications

M. Uther and J. Kay. Learner modelling for mobile devices: from knowledge to context. In G. D. Bormida, M. Sharples, J. Attewell, and E. Murelli, editors, Proceedings of MLEARN 2004, 3rd European Conference on Mobile Learning, 2004. [View Details]

T. Apted, J. Kay, A. Lum, and J. Uther. Visualisation of ontological inferences for user control of personal web agents. In E. Banissi, K. Borner, C. Chen, G. Clapworthy, C. Maple, A. Lobben, C. Moore, J. Roberts, A. Ursyn, and J. Zhang, editors, Proceedings of IV '03, 7th International Conference on Information Visualization, pages 306-311. IEEE Computer Society (Washington, DC, USA), 2003. [View Details]

J. Kay, A. Lum, and J. Uther. How can users edit and control their models in ubiquitous computing environments? In K. Cheverst, N. de Carolis, and A. Kruger, editors, Online Proceedings of the UM (User Modeling) 2003 Workshop on User Modeling for Ubiquitous Computing, pages 12-16, 2003. [View Details]

J. Uther and J. Kay. Vlum, a web-based visualisation of large user models. In P. Brusilovsky, A. Corbett, and F. de Rosis, editors, Proceedings of UM 2003, User Modelling, pages 198-202. Springer, 2003. [View Details]

J. B. Uther, M. Uther, and J. Kay. Visualising cohort comparisons with vLum. In Proceedings of CSCL 2003, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference, pages 114-116, 2003. [View Details]

J. Uther and J. Kay. Describing and viewing large user models. In ADCS'99, Australian Document Computing Symposium (Proceedings), pages 81-84, 1999. [View Details]

J. Uther and J. Kay. Compact display of large user models. In Pan-Sydney Area Visual Information Processing Workshop, VIP'98 (Proceedings), pages 60 - 64. VIP Lab, School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, 1998. [View Details]