Lichao Li
MSc Research Student Thesis accepted
Engineer, T-Systems, P.R.China

Contact Details

E-mail: lli1@it.usyd.edu.au

Web-site: http://www.it.usyd.edu.au/~lli1

Photo of Lichao Li

Research Interests

personalised teaching systems, support for reflection, user modelling


On competing his thesis research, Lichao joined T-Systems, P.R.China (the business-to-business branch of Deutsche Telekom AG in China). The job involves working with Airbus customers, Chinese customers in particular, for a broad range of aspects associated with the broad range of Airbus software, including customer web portals, flight operations software, aircraft maintenance software, documentation software and security software as well as A380 specific software. Although based in China, this work takes Lichao to Europe.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

J. Kay, L. Li, and A. Fekete. Learner reflection in student self-assessment. In Proceedings of ACE 2007, 9th Australasian Computing Education Conference, pages 89-95, Sydney, 2007. Australian Computer Society. [View Details]

J. Kay, A. Lum, W. Niu, and L. Li. Taro: Teaching with an automatically retrieved ontology. Technical Report 596, The University of Sydney, Sept 2006. [View Details]

J. Kay and L. Li. The cost of authoring with a knowledge layer. In Online Proceedings of the AIED (Artificial Intelligence in Education) 2005 Workshop on Authoring of Adaptive and Adaptable Educational Hypermedia (A3EH), pages 72-79, 2005. [View Details]

J. Kay and L. Li. Learner reflection in student self-assessment. Technical Report 568, School of Information Technologies, The University of Sydney, March 2005. [View Details]