Peter Brusilovsky
University of Pittsburgh

Contact Details

E-mail: peterb at mail dot sis dot pitt dot edu
Phone: +1 (412) 624 9404

School of Information Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
135 North Bellefield Ave,
Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA

Web-site: http://www2.sis.pitt.edu/~peterb/

Photo of Peter Brusilovsky

Research Interests

Adaptive Web-based Systems Adaptive Hypermedia, Adaptive Interfaces, Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Shells, Student and User Modelling, Teaching programming to novices, Psychology of Programming, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence.


Dr Brusilovsky is a leader in adaptive systems, especially in the context of intelligent tutoring systems. He is a prolific researcher, who has made major contributions to these areas.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

L. Aroyo, D. Dicheva, P. Brusilovsky, P. Diaz, V. Dimitrova, E. Duval, J. E. Greer, T. Hirashima, U. Hoppe, G. Houben, M. Ikeda, J. Kay, Kinshuk, E. Melis, T. Mitrovic, A. Naeve, O. Nykanen, G. Paquette, S. Retalis, D. G. Sampson, K. M. Sinitsa, A. Soller, S. Staab, J. Vassileva, F. Verdejo, and G. Wagner. Workshop on applications of semantic web technologies for e-learning. In Proceedings of ITS 2004, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, volume 3220/2004 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, 2004. [View Details]

L. Aroyo, D. Dicheva, P. Brusilovsky, P. Diaz, V. Dimitrova, J. Kay, et al., editors. Workshop on Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for E-Learning at Intelligent Tutoring Systems. http://springerlink.metapress.com/content/b0wf2bejwj1nlp3f/?p=d2c6b546d428481dbbc5f9dc632e39ef&pi=0, 2004. [View Details]

P. Brusilovsky, J. Fink, and J. Kay, editors. Workshop : Adaptive Systems and User Modeling on the World Wide Web, held in conjunction with UM97 (Proceedings), 1997. [View Details]