Raymond Lister
University of Technology, Sydney

Contact Details

E-mail: raymond@it.uts.edu.au
Phone: +61 2 9514 1850

Faculty of Information Technology,
University of Technology, Sydney
PO Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007

Web-site: http://www-staff.it.uts.edu.au/~raymond/

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Research Interests

Computer Science Education Research


Raymond Lister is a leader in the the Computing Education Research Community, having led several studies, notably a multi-national study of reading and tracing skills in novice programmers and aspects of teaching programming. One of his current major collaborations with CHAI is a Carrick funded project involving the CHAI Reflect project.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

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R. Gluga, J. Kay, R. Lister, Simon, and S. Kleitman. Mastering cognitive development theory in computer science education. Computer Science Education, 23(1):24-57, 2013. [View Details]

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R. Gluga, J. Kay, R. Lister, S. Kleitman, and T. Lever. Coming to terms with Bloom: an online tutorial for teachers of programming fundamentals. In ACE, Australasian Computing Education Conference, pages 147-156, 2012. [View Details]

R. Lister, M. Corney, J. Curran, D. D'Souza, C. Fidge, R. Gluga, M. Hamilton, J. Harland, J. Hogan, J. Kay, T. Murphy, et al. Toward a shared understanding of competency in programming: Invitation to the BABELnot project. In Proceedings of Australasian Computing Education Conference, pages 53-60, 2012. [View Details]

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