Professor Roger Azevedo
Professor Educational & Counselling Psychology

Contact Details

E-mail: roger.azevedo@mcgill.ca

Laboratory for the Study of Metacognition and Advanced Learning Technologies
Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology
McGill University
Montreal, Canada

Web-site: http://smartlaboratory.ca/

Photo of Professor Roger Azevedo

Research Interests

Cognitive science, human and computer tutoring, self-regulated learning, metacognition, motivation, emotions, problem solving, knowledge representation and organization, learning about complex topics and domains, and the use of computer-based learning environments as MetaCognitive tools for enhancing learning.


Professor Azevedo joined McGill University in 2010 to start the Laboratory for the Study of Metacognition and Advanced Learning Technologies. His collaboration with CHAI is based on shared goals to support learners in using and developing their metacognitive skills.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

J. Kay, S. Kleitman, and R. Azevedo. Empowering teachers to design learning resources with metacognitive interface elements. In R. Luckin, J. Underwood, N. Winters, P. Goodyear, B. Grabowski, and S. Puntambeker, editors, Handbook of Design in Educational Technology, pages 124-134. Taylor and Francis, 2013. [View Details]

D. Barua, J. Kay, B. Kummerfeld, S. Kleitman, C. paris, and R. Azevedo. Personal goals and metacognitive scaffolding as a unifying framework for personal health informatics. In M. Z. Carsten Röcker, A. Holzinger, S. Hansen, and K. McGee, editors, Third International Workshop on Smart Healthcare Applications(SmartHEALTH'11) at OzCHI., pages 22-25, 2011. [View Details]