Dr Sabina Kleitman
Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology

Contact Details

E-mail: sabina.kleitman@sydney.edu.au
Phone: +61 2 9351 7703

School of Psychology
University of Sydney
NSW, 2006, Australia

Web-site: http://www.psych.usyd.edu.au/staff/sabinak/

Photo of Dr Sabina Kleitman

Research Interests

Individual Differences in Metacognitive Processes, Multivariate Data Analyses, Applied statistics, Psychological Assessment, Intelligence, Decision-Making, Cognitive styles, Self-Concepts, Personality, Developmental Psychology.


Sabina's research interests include metacognitive processes, their measurement, biases and their role in educational settings (schools and tertiary education, including Life-long User Modelling and User Interface). She developed a unique instrumentation incorporating cognitive and metacognitive training - Stats_mIQ - which has been used as a formative assessment tool during a large statistics course taught at the School of Psychology, USyd, demonstrating powerful improvements in the learning environment. Her research also focuses on decision-making, including the development of another unique instrumentation to capture response-selection strategies people use during test-taking activities. Sabina's other stream of research includes educational psychology.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

J. Kay, S. Kleitman, and R. Azevedo. Empowering teachers to design learning resources with metacognitive interface elements. In R. Luckin, J. Underwood, N. Winters, P. Goodyear, B. Grabowski, and S. Puntambeker, editors, Handbook of Design in Educational Technology, pages 124-134. Taylor and Francis, 2013. [View Details]

R. Gluga, J. Kay, R. Lister, Simon, and S. Kleitman. Mastering cognitive development theory in computer science education. Computer Science Education, 23(1):24-57, 2013. [View Details]

R. Gluga, J. Kay, R. Lister, S. Kleitman, and T. Lever. Over-confidence and confusion in using Bloom for programming fundamentals assessment. In Proceedings of the 43rd ACM technical symposium on Computer Science Education, SIGCSE '12, pages 147-152, 2012. [View Details]

R. Gluga, J. Kay, R. Lister, S. Kleitman, and T. Lever. Coming to terms with Bloom: an online tutorial for teachers of programming fundamentals. In ACE, Australasian Computing Education Conference, pages 147-156, 2012. [View Details]

D. Barua, J. Kay, B. Kummerfeld, S. Kleitman, C. paris, and R. Azevedo. Personal goals and metacognitive scaffolding as a unifying framework for personal health informatics. In M. Z. Carsten Röcker, A. Holzinger, S. Hansen, and K. McGee, editors, Third International Workshop on Smart Healthcare Applications(SmartHEALTH'11) at OzCHI., pages 22-25, 2011. [View Details]