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Judy Kay, Bob Kummerfeld, Mark Assad, David Carmichael, William Niu
School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney

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Bob Kummerfeld

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Project Description

Locator is a demonstrator application of Personis. Locator provides an interface which enables a community of people to locate other members of the community. To join the community, a user needs to register both themself and sensors that can provide evidence about their location. For example, a Bluetooth enabled phone can be registered. Another class of sensor is an activity sensor that detects when a person's computer is in use.

The underlying infrastructure for Locator is based on Personis, which models people, places and devices. It makes use of a range of varyingly reliable evidence to reason about an individual's location.

As Locator has been in actual use of a long period of time, it has provided insights into the way that people use and respond to such information about each other as well as and people's attitudes to management of privacy.

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