edit ONCOR: Ontology- and Evidence-based Context Reasoner

ONCOR: Ontology- and Evidence-based Context Reasoner

William Niu, Judy Kay
School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney

Contact Person

William Niu

Photo of ONCOR: Ontology- and Evidence-based Context Reasoner

Project Description

ONCOR (Ontology- and Evidence-based Context Reasoner) is a reasoning component that integrates ontological reasoning into the accretion-resolution (A/R) approach. With the A/R approach ONCOR is able to take a diverse list of contextual sources across different context models in the resolution, or reasoning process. At the heart of ONCOR is an extended Middle Building Ontology (MIBO)---an upper/middle ontology for modelling the inside of a building. We explore the potential of an ontology in the areas of conflict resolution, personalisation and privacy management in Ubiquitous Computing environments.

ONCOR has been integrated into the working prototype of Locator as a location conflict resolution component. The extended-MIBO used for reasoning is a location ontology for the School of Information Technologies building on the University of Sydney campus. It is semi-automatically built by parsing the building maps in SVG/XML formats. The resulting ontology is in the OWL-Lite format with 573 location instances.

The Middle Building Ontology (MIBO) is available in OWL-Lite here (9.5Kb). An extended-MIBO for the School of Information Technologies building is also available in OWL-Lite here (122Kb).

Key Publications

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