edit Smart Services CRC

The Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is a major research collaboration between major industry (media and finance), government and university partners. It is funded by its partners and the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Programme.

As part of its program, Smart Services CRC awards student scholarships for work associated with its various research programs. Research topics need to be approved as relevant to the research program of the CRC, and academic staff participating in Smart Services CRC research projects must be involved in the supervision of scholarship students. The University of Sydney is involved in two major projects: Multi-Channel Content Delivery and Personalisation. These projects also have input and involvement from CRC industry and government partners. This presents outstanding opportunities for industry-oriented research across a range of disciplinary areas including context aware networking and mobility, user modelling and personalisation, data mining, adaptive content delivery, new user interfaces, Web 2.0 based educational platform development and assessment.

PhD Top-up Scholarships

Top-up scholarships will be available for PhD students commencing or continuing studies. PhD students must also have been awarded an APA or other base scholarship, or be able to demonstrate equivalent achievement.

Top-up PhD scholarships are up to $10,000 per annum stipend (in addition to the base scholarship) for up to three years. An additional $5,000 per annum is available for approved expenditures such as conference travel and equipment. For additional information, see the Flyer.

How to apply?

Please complete the Smart Services Scholarship Application. Applications are accepted at any time. The review committee normally assesses applications PhD Scholarships on 1 November and and Honours scholarships on 1 June.

For additional information contact Judy Kay.

Honours and MIT Thesis Students Smart Services CRC Scholarships

The Smart Services CRC Education Programme is able to provide a small number of highly competitive conference travel scholarships. These are for the support of student dissemination of research of high quality by Honours and MIT Thesis students in the CHAI research group where that research is relevant to the CRC projects. To be eligible, the student should have a paper, based on their thesis work, accepted at a leading conference in the area. The application should be submitted to Professor Kay. It should provide details of the paper and conference and the costs for student rate attendance. (Students should also apply for any student funding provided by the conferences.) A committee of CHAI researchers will review applications and make a recommendation that will be reviewed by the Smart Services CRC Research Director.