edit Summer scholarships - 2016-17

There is a broad range of Honours projects and undergraduate projects available within CHAI.

A great starting point is to look at the projects being undertaken by current research students and mailing them to let them know you would like to work in their area.

Funded Summer Scholarships. Funding levels are being reviewed. They were previously $5,500 for 12 weeks or pro-rata for a lesser time (eg $2750 for 6 weeks) or at a less than full time rate eg half-time. Essentially if you and we are enthusiastic about a project, we are keen to make it fit with your other plans. Start date and finish date are negotiable.

How to apply: You can follow the process at the School's vacation scholarships page or just mail one of the CHAI People whose work interests you or you can mail judy@it.usyd.edu.au for more general queries, especially if you are keen to apply for a CHAI scholarship only, rather than being considered for the others at the same time.

Deadline for applications: We have the same deadline as the School of IT vacation scholarships. In addition, for those who want to be considered only for CHAI scholarship, please send an initial mail by Sep 30. We will consider each application as it arrives and aim to give a response within 2 weeks.

Pointers to potential projects: Look at the people and projects pages, you should get a sense of the things we have done and are doing now. You are also sure to enjoy reading some of our publications. To make the best of your undergraduate or honours year project, it will be important to tailor the actual project to your skills, interests and aspirations: so it is a good idea to discuss potential projects with the potential supervisors.

If you have your own ideas of a personalisation, pervasive or interface project, come and discuss how that might link with one of these.