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Aaron Quigley

Research Collaborator
Chair of Human Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science at St. Andrews University in Scotland
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St Andrews University, Scotland
+353 1 716 5357

Surface and multi-display computing, human computer interaction, pervasive and ubiquitous computing and information visualisation.



Kuflik, Tsvi; Kay, Judy; Quigley, Aaron J

Preface to the special issue on ubiquitous user modeling and user-adapted interaction Journal Article

User Model. User-Adapt. Interact., 25 (3), pp. 185–187, 2015.

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Osterreichische Computer Gesellschaft, 2008.



Apted, Trent; Kay, Judy; Quigley, Aaron

Tabletop Sharing of Digital Photographs for the Elderly Inproceedings

CHI '06: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp. 781-790, ACM Press, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2006.

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West, David; Quigley, Aaron; Kay, Judy

MEMENTO: A Digital Physical Scrapbook for Memory Sharing Journal Article

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 11 (4), pp. 313–328, 2006.

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Richards, Belinda; Kay, Judy; Quigley, Aaron

Activity Modelling using Email and Web Page Classification Technical Report

School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney (573), 2005, ISBN: 1 86487 737 5.

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Apted, Trent; Kay, Judy; Quigley, Aaron

A study of elder users in a face-to-face collaborative multi-touch digital photograph sharing scenario Technical Report

School of Information Technologies, The University of Sydney (567), 2005, ISBN: 1864877162.

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Kay, J; Quigley, A; Richards, B

Activity modelling using email and web page classification Inproceedings

Online Proceedings of the UM (User Modelling) 2005 Workshop on Machine Learning for User Modeling: Challenges, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2005.



Hudson, Adam; Kummerfeld, Bob; Quigley, Aaron

A File Migration Architecture for Pervasive Systems Inproceedings

Adjunct Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2004), Nottingham, UK, 2004.

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Kay, J; Kummerfeld, B; Carmichael, D; Quigley, A

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Special Issue on Pervasive Computing for Successful Aging Journal Article

IEEE Pervasive Computing, 3 (2), pp. 48-50, 2004.


Quigley, A; Ward, B; Ottrey, C; Cutting, D; Kummerfeld, R

BlueStar, a privacy centric location aware system Inproceedings

Position Location and Navigation Symposium (PLAN 2004), pp. 684-689, 2004.

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Cutting, D; Hudson, A; Quigley, A

Middies: Passive Middleware Abstractions for Pervasive Computing Environments Inproceedings

Proceedings of the The IEEE/ACS International Conference on Pervasive Services, pp. 241–241, IEEE Computer Society, 2004.


Hexel, R; Johnson, C; Kummerfeld, B; Quigley, A

Powerpoint to the people: Suiting the word to the audience Inproceedings

AUIC 2004, pp. 49-56, 2004.



Davis, J; Kay, J; Kummerfeld, B; Poon, J; Quigley, A; Saunders, G; Yacef, K

Workflow, user modeling and tutoring strategies for just-in-time document delivery Inproceedings

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