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Cecile Paris

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CSIRO, Sydney


Barua, Debjanee; Kay, Judy; Paris, Cecile

Viewing and Controlling Personal Sensor Data: What Do Users Want? Inproceedings

PERSUASIVE 2013, LNCS 7822, pp. 15-26, Springer, Heidelberg, 2013.


Barua, Debjanee; Kay, Judy; Paris, Cecile

Foundations for Infrastructure and Interfaces to Support User Control in Long-term User Modelling Inproceedings

OzCHI, Australian HCI Conference, pp. 125-134, 2013.



Barua, Debjanee; Kay, Judy; Kummerfeld, Bob; Paris, Cecile

A Framework for Modelling Goals in Personal Lifelong Informatics Inproceedings

CHI Workshop Personal Informatics in Practice: Improving Quality of Life Through Data, 2012.



Barua, Debjanee; Kay, Judy; Kummerfeld, Bob; Paris, Cecile

Theoretical Foundations for User-Controlled Forgetting in Scrutable Long Term User Models Inproceedings

OZCHI, pp. 40-49, 2011.

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Barua, Debjanee; Kay, Judy; Kummerfeld, Bob; Kleitman, Sabina; paris, Cecile; Azevedo, Roger

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Kay, J; Thomas, R C

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Yacef, K

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