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James Uther

Research Collaborator
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Postdoctoral Researcher
+61 2 90369755

Personalisation, interfaces to large user models, Web architecture, UI architectures.



Apted, T; Kay, J; Lum, A; Uther, J

Visualisation of ontological inferences for user control of personal web agents Inproceedings

Banissi, E; Borner, K; Chen, C; Clapworthy, G; Maple, C; Lobben, A; Moore, C; Roberts, J; Ursyn, A; Zhang, J (Ed.): Proceedings of IV '03, 7th International Conference on Information Visualization, pp. 306-311, IEEE Computer Society (Washington, DC, USA), London, England, 2003.

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Kay, J; Lum, A; Uther, J

How can users edit and control their models in ubiquitous computing environments? Inproceedings

Cheverst, K; de Carolis, N; Kruger, A (Ed.): Online Proceedings of the UM (User Modeling) 2003 Workshop on User Modeling for Ubiquitous Computing, pp. 12-16, Johnstown, PA, USA, 2003.

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Uther, J; Kay, J

VlUM, a Web-Based Visualisation of Large User Models Inproceedings

Brusilovsky, P; Corbett, A; de Rosis, F (Ed.): Proceedings of UM 2003, User Modelling, pp. 198-202, Springer, Johnston, 2003.

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Uther, J B; Uther, M; Kay, J

Visualising cohort comparisons with vLum Inproceedings

Proceedings of CSCL 2003, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference, pp. 114-116, Bergen, Norway, 2003.



Uther, J; Kay, J

Describing and viewing large user models Inproceedings

ADCS'99, Australian Document Computing Symposium (Proceedings), pp. 81–84, 1999.



Uther, J; Kay, J

Compact display of large user models Inproceedings

Pan-Sydney Area Visual Information Processing Workshop, VIP'98 (Proceedings), pp. 60 - 64, VIP Lab, School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, 1998.