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Judy Kay
Judy Kay -

Judy aims to create personalised computing that is embedded throughout the environment to support people in the broad range of activities that are important to their lives.

Project Description

Curator is a design environment which allows it to curate a virtual museum exhibition for tabletop displays built with Cruiser. Curator is designed to be used by people with basic computer skills, enabling them to create interactive museum experiences easily and quickly.

Tabletops offer exciting potential for providing engaging interactive displays in public places, such as museums. However, it is a real challenge for exhibition designers and their assistants to create a virtual exhibition for tabletop displays. Depending on the specific topic, different presentations for different target groups should be designed to meet their various backgrounds, interests, and goals. Also, the contents of a virtual exhibition may need to be changed when new acquisitions are made or because the physical exhibition has changed. Exhibition designers are generally not programmers – so there are potential benefits if they can easily create a virtual exhibition.

Cruiser, as a novel tabletop surface computing interface, offers the advantages mentioned above, is ready for any display type and supports multi-touch input. Because of its plug-in architecture, Cruiser is highly flexible and customisable so that it is suited for use as an interface in museums. Focus, a part of Cruiser, is an associative, similarity-based file access interface that allows vistors to browse topics by interest. In combination with Focus, Cruiser is a powerful interface for museums.

Curator allows exhibition designers and their assistants to react on the needs of the museum’s visitors and to compose virtual exhibitions in an easy manner. With its facilities to compose collections of digital exhibits quickly, it enables the staff to curate many variations of tabletop experiences, to enrich the attractiveness of the museum and to enthral visitors.

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Sprengart, Benjamin; Collins, Anthony; Kay, Judy

Curator: A Design Environment for Curating Tabletop Museum Experiences Inproceedings

ITS '09 Demonstrations, the ACM Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 2009.

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