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Judy Kay
Judy Kay -

Judy aims to create personalised computing that is embedded throughout the environment to support people in the broad range of activities that are important to their lives.

Project Description

When a new employee joins an organisation, they need to learn about many processes that will be part of their work. Some of these will be needed right from the beginning and these can be part of the initial training session for new employees. However, many processes are used infrequently and will not be needed for months or years. JITT supports employees in learning about these processes just at the time they are needed. In addition, it paces the teaching so that learner can read relevant information for just the current stage in a process.

Notably, JITT enables the learner to scrutinise the personalisation and to choose the teaching strategy. It also provides a search, at the level of processes, with the user initiating their learning about a new process by selecting it and then progressing through it at their own pace.

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